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Changing future

I welcome you to the group of wonderful people like you

Our work together can be and always is very personal.

Energy is constantly evolving on the Planet at this time and is also growing in the form of light within you.

I keep holding you in Higher vibration to help you de-code old patterns , tune in and feel love and light that is supporting your mission here on earth within this body.  

My mission is to bring and bridge Divine unconditional Love that create changes within you and DNA of Humanity .

Join me and together we are going to provide

VIBRATIONAL CHANGES  that helps you many others. 


Welcome Beautiful Soul


Here You are Supported and nurtured by Divine Feminine ,

Flames of Creation , Light , Love and Sound .

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 We are activationg LIVE PORTALS of LOVE and LIGHT  where you  recieve vibrational support  

Divine  Alchemy of Love with Voice Activations by

 Dorota Rozmus  

Meet Dorota


Dorota Rozmus  -  vibrational healer , Sound and Light codes alchemist, channel for Divine Love and Divine Mother’s archetype. Bringing to you unconditional Love vibration , new codes of Light and knowledge to transform and heal deeply all levels of your Being . 


Allow me to hold you in Love and Light so you will remember  Source Energy  in You .

I am a Channel for Light - Love and Divine Sound Frequency via my singing and speaking voice .

Divine Beings of Light , Your Higher Self , Divine Mother and Flames of Creation are here in all activations . 

During our work together I activate vibration and hold you in “SPACE”  of Divine Love . It heals, melts distorted patterns, brings new frequency into your field of energy

You are within Alchemy of Love