Welcome Beautiful Soul 

Here You are Supported and nurtured by Divine Faminine , Flames of Creation , Light , Love and Sound .

Join selected Space..s.

 They are LIVE PORTALS that includes LIVE SESSIONS and Packages of many mp3 recordings where you recieve vibrational support  

Divine  Alchemy of Love with Voice Activations by

 Dorota Rozmus  

Special Offer  

Dorota's NEW music and 3 new activations  




I am Dorota Rozmus .

Allow me to hold you in Love and Light so you will remember  Source Energy  in You .

I am a Channel for Light - Love and Divine Sound Frequency via my singing and speacking voice .

Divine Beings of Light , Your Higher Self , Divine Mother and Flames of Creation are here in all activations . 

During our work together I activate vibration and hold you in “SPACE”  of Divine Love . It heals, melts destorted patterns, brings new frequency into your field of energy. 

“ Spaces”  are special frequency portals  to help you connect with different needs for your transformation.  Each Space is helping you to activate- create intension - your choice - your new frequency.   

You are within Alchemy of Love 



   Alchemy of Love   

Join Dorota's  -  YOU TUBE channel  -

Free activations and teachings 

   Dorota Rozmus 

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